1. The following conditions apply to deliveries, including future deliveries, under exclusion of the customer's general business terms and conditions. Deviating agreements require express written confirmation by us.
  2. Our quotations are valid for 30 days. In regards to availability, they are subject to change without notice.

    If acceptance takes place more than 60 days after the contract was concluded, the prices at the time of delivery are applicable.
  3. In case of doubt, the delivery term is calculated from the date of the order confirmation to the date the product is shipped from the factory.
    In case of delayed delivery, the customer has the right of withdrawal according to § 326 BGB (German Civil Code). The grace period must be at least 3 weeks and, if the delay is caused by unforeseen events such as business disruptions, delayed deliveries from our suppliers, etc., 6 weeks. Additional claims are excluded, especially claims for compensation due to failure to meet the delivery date or failure to deliver.
  4. Shipping is ex works at the customer´s risk even if we pay the shipping charges. Shipping insurance is only obtained upon request and in exchange for reimbursement of the incurred costs.
  5. We supply replacements for defective products at no charge. If the replacement products are also defective, the customer is entitled to pay a reduced price or to withdraw from the contract. These general business terms and conditions also apply to the delivery of replacement products.

    Additional claims, especially for compensation for direct or indirect damages, are excluded regardless of their cause in law.

    Complaints about quantities or noticeable defects must be communicated to us in writing within an 8-day cut-off period.
  6. Title to the delivered goods does not pass to the customer until all amounts due to us have been paid in full. Until then, the goods may not be pledged or assigned as security but may only be used or disposed off in the ordinary course of business.

    By accepting the goods, the customer assigns the receivable from his or her own customer resulting from the disposal of the goods, including all ancillary rights, to us until our receivable from the customer has been paid in full. We have the right to disclose this assignment at any time.

    If the value of the security provided to us exceeds our total receivable by more than 20 %, we are obligated to relinquish the excess security if asked to do so by the customer.

    If the customer fails to meet his or her payment obligations, we have the right recall the goods even without setting a grace period or withdrawing from the contract.
  7. Our invoices are payable within 30 days from the invoice date with no deductions or within 8 days with a 2% discount. Interest at a rate no lower than that paid by major banks on debit balances shall be charged on overdue accounts.

    If payment is delayed, we have the right to withdraw from all or some existing delivery obligations or to demand a prepaid security deposit regardless of prior payment arrangements.

    Drafts and cheques are only accepted under reserve. Payment is not considered received until the draft or cheque has been redeemed or credited to our account. Bank discounts and other fees are payable by the customer. We are not liable for presenting and protesting drafts and cheques in a timely manner.
  8. The place of execution for deliveries and payments is Hamburg. When the customer is a general merchant, the sole jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contractual relationship is Hamburg.

    German law applies to the entire contractual relationship and all related transactions.